If my house were to catch on fire…


Besides my husband, kids, and my grandmother’s diamond (which is actually set in my wedding ring), these beauties right here would be the first things I would snatch up if my house were on fire.

This morning I was awaken around 4:30am by a kid who had wet their bed.  After changing clothes and sheets, I was wide awake and it was pointless for me to try to lay in bed and will myself back to sleep, so I got on up.  Even though I am not a fan of waking up before the sun, these times alone while everyone is still sleeping are the most precious to me.  I decided to get these beauties out and settle down with my heart and a pen.

These three journals are for each one of my kids.  I wish I could claim this idea as my own, but it’s not, I just can’t remember where I learned about it, possibly pinterest or a blogger that I follow.  Anyways, I decided to start a journal for each child 6 weeks before my daughter was born.  I quickly realized after my first-born, how fast life goes and how little my brain can retain, hence the reason for the journals.  So while my son’s journal is missing the first year and a half of his life, my daughter’s has words penned by me before she even took her first breath and the same will be with our baby girl that’s still “cooking.”

I have written and plan to write each one’s detailed birth story as told by their mama, their monthly milestones for their first year, a birthday letter each year, along with funny things they say, do, their current interests, etc.  These three journals are so very precious to me.  I pray all the time that my children will know WHO they are and WHOSE they are.  My hope is that I fill these up and some day give them to each of them as a reminder of just that.  I have written and will continue to write my hopes, dreams, and prayers for them in these journals as well as things that God is teaching me in hopes that some day my words remind them of God’s faithfulness not only in my life but in their own as well.

It’s never to late to start a journal for your child or even for yourself.  I actually have 12, which basically means I have been journaling for almost half my life, that’s so crazy to think about.  One of my favorite things is going back and reading through them a year, two years, five years back.  Seeing what books were influencing me at the time, my joys, my struggles, how God was molding and shaping me.  Most importantly seeing God’s faithfulness in my life all throughout the pages that span across years.  So today, stop by a Marshalls or TJ Maxx, because they always have the best journal options in my opinion, and snatch one up.  Then get to writing!


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