Heirlooms and Shoulders

The other day, I was washing my baby girl’s coming home outfit and getting it ready to pack in my bag for the hospital. This coming home outfit, is not just any outfit, it was hand picked by my Mama 30 years ago and worn by me as my coming home outfit. My first daughter... Continue Reading →


Seasons and Change

It’s a chilly, rainy day here. A nice excuse to stay inside, burn my fall candles, and let a batch of chili simmer in the crockpot. My favorite season has officially arrived, fall; and I welcome it with open arms especially after experiencing a very hot summer since our move back south. Fall reminds me... Continue Reading →


I was reading back through my journal this morning and my heart grabbed onto this and I’ve been ruminating on it ever since… “You love as well as you are willing to be inconvenienced. How well we inconvenience ourselves for each other is the real sinews of community that binds friendships, ties relationships—not how well... Continue Reading →

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