“A whole hand, mom!” Part 2

So I want to set this up for you...I honestly, had no intentions of a Part 2 but hey, it's my blog and there are no rules!  A couple of weeks ago, I wrote my first "Five Minute Friday" blog post linking up with others using the same word prompt and writing for 5 minutes... Continue Reading →


“A whole hand, mom!”

This morning as Nick was cooking breakfast and I was feeding our youngest, we reminisced where we were and what we were doing on this exact day 5 years ago.  I don't have the best memory, but there are some things that are seared in my mind and one of those was the day our first... Continue Reading →


*Disclaimer: I am trying something new... I happened upon a blog that does a Five Minute Friday one word prompt every Friday encouraging people to set a timer for 5 minutes and write whatever comes to mind using the one word provided.  This intrigued me and so I am going to give it a go!... Continue Reading →

“Me too!”

I shared a blog today on Facebook entitled “When you are waiting on God in a lonely season.” It spoke to a deep place in my heart that I have been pondering on, struggling with, and have even had conversations with others about. I figured someone else could be encouraged by it like I was, but... Continue Reading →

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