There they are again..his clothes strewn about on his side of the closet while mine are nice and tidy on my side.  This isn’t an uncommon scene in our closet and it’s something we’ve disagreed about for years, since we both walked in to marriage with our own set of rules.  For him, clothes and shoes belong anywhere in the house.  For me, shoes belong in your closet and clothes neatly put back in drawers.

But here’s the thing, I could brew on this one flaw of his, mind you it’s a minor flaw, and like my mama always said while I was growing up, “make a mountain out of a mole hill,” or I could simply help him out by putting them away.  Negativity is contagious, so when I think one negative thought about my suppose, chances are a snowball effect is bound to happen.  Instead why not practice, “…but rather thanksgiving.”  Why not focus on the fact that instead of putting his clothes away upon arriving home, he is downstairs playing with the kids giving me a much needed break.  Or he is rushing to my aid by leaving the clothes behind and cooking breakfast for us, helping me change yet another diaper, or give the kids a bath.

Wives, how about we “brew” on all the good qualities we see in our husbands and cutting them some slack.

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4 thoughts on “Brew

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  1. Wonderful reminder. Reading this post after picking up legos for the 7 hundredth time and putting away a family’s worth of shoes. This will only last a season. I longed for these days when I was single. Thank you for reminding me of that.


  2. Yes. I decided before we got married that I wasn’t going to let the little things come between us or bring out the worst in us. It only takes me a few seconds to put his shoes in the closet. I certainly don’t want him to brew over my flaws.


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