I don’t know about you but when I ponder too long on the word “unknown,” my palms start to get sweaty, I start having trouble breathing and I get a lump in my throat.  I can think of many times I have entered unknown territory whether it be moving 600 miles away from family and friends to a place where I knew absolutely no one or entering the terrifying yet exciting waters of the unknown called motherhood.

Why is it that the unknown causes such terror and unrest in our souls?  I think if we are honest its because the unknown is not familiar and can often be uncomfortable and hard.  I suffer from a condition called “control-ism” which basically means that I like to be in control at all times and when I’m not I can work myself into a tizzy.  Oh but life, do we ever truly have control of it (the answer is no, but just in case you were unsure)?   Instead of embracing the unknown and recognizing it as a gift, I resort to worry.  Where are all my worry warts out there??  I love how Ann Voskamp’s words catch me in the middle of my worry and reign me back in…

“Worry is belief gone wrong.  Because you don’t believe that God will get it right.  Peace is belief that exhales.  Because you believe that God’s provision is everywhere–like air.”

And one last excerpt from a favorite book. This one is especially for you, the one who is faced with an unknown glaring back at you and you are wondering if you should turn the next page and embrace that new chapter…

“We don’t follow God just because he is God, just because he is boss.  We follow God because he builds beautiful stories, even if they aren’t easy.” (excerpt from Anything by Jennie Allen).

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