So what’s this about fairy tales??

I’ve decided to do a first ever blog series on…fairy tales?? Nope. I’ll give you a hint, it’s an eight letter word.  If you guessed a blog series on marriage then you are correct, my friend.  I am totally piggy-backing off my church‘s new sermon series that just started this past Sunday.  A sermon series on marriage titled “So…this is love?”  My blog series will take a slightly different spin and I honestly have no idea how long it will last or what all it will entail.  I don’t want to box it in and give it boundaries, but I do want you to help hold me accountable and see this series through.

If you have been married for any length of time then you know that marriage is hard work. It is nothing like the fairytales that were read to us young kids or the Disney movies that we watched growing up.  Marriage is so hard because you are joining two broken individuals who bring into the marriage their own set of “rules,” baggage and expectations.  Besides being a mom, being a wife has opened my eyes to how truly selfish I really am.  Without Jesus and my constant reliance on Him, I don’t see how this marriage thing could work. My hope is that through this series I can offer a fresh perspective on marriage as well as encourage, equip, and empower you to be the healthiest version of yourself that you can be in order to have a healthy marriage.

Disclaimer:  I am not a marriage expert.  I didn’t go to school for that and I certainly don’t claim to know everything about marriage.  My husband and I have been married coming up on 8 years in just a few weeks, so see definitely not even in the “veteran” category of married people; we haven’t earned our “badges” quite yet.  However, in those short 8 years of marriage we have experienced so much change, so much BIG change in such a short amount of time that we have learned a lot about ourselves, marriage and life in general.  We are both passionate about marriage and seeing couples in healthy, life-giving relationships.  Since my husband is a pastor we have had the privilege of leading many couples through pre-marital counseling as well as witnessing the union of so many beautiful souls.  We’ve just come to the realization lately that we are no longer in that stage of life where it’s our parents’ friends who are getting divorced, but it’s couples our age, our friends, people in similar life stages that are now walking the hard road to divorce, which is why this sermon series at our church is so vital.

This particular blog post will be used as a central place to be able to read all the blogs in this series.  I will post a link to each new blog below as we go along.  I am excited about some of the things I have up my sleeve and hope you will join me.  Like I said, marriage is hard which is why we need each other to point us towards truth and to champion each other’s marriages.

1- Guarding the “woah”

2- Vulnerability and “the One”

3- Change and Growth

4- Toothpaste in the sink

5- 8 Things I’ve Learned in 8 years of Marriage

6- What I know NOW that I wish I had known THEN…the ramblings of an empty nester


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  1. When we learn to champion each other, we become the true lifegivers God intends us to be. Comparing and competing fuel the enemy’s tools to isolate us from the very community God has given to support us. I like you, and, though I’m single, I am championing you and your grace-filled voice.


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