Change and Growth

This past weekend, I did something that if you would have told me 4 years ago I would do someday, I would have called your bluff.  Not only was I given the opportunity but I also  willingly agreed to teach alongside my husband on the topic of change and growth as it pertains to marriage.

I walked away, first off, exhausted in a weird sort of way.  Hats off to those of you who get up every single weekend and serve your church family whether it’s leading worship or teaching.  And secondly, I walked away feeling like that was one of the most rewarding experiences both individually and as a couple.  I cannot thank my church family enough for receiving me so graciously and for all their kind words of support.  As an introvert, getting up in front of a crowd of people is not my cup of tea especially sharing some very personal and vulnerable stories, but the overwhelming sense of love and support blew me away.  So, thank you to my church family!

While I haven’t always loved the idea of being on stage with my husband, we have long dreamed and prayed that our relationship/marriage would be used to offer hope and encouragement to others.  We believe wholeheartedly that our marriage doesn’t just exist for us, but for the sake of Christ and to bring him glory.  Marriage is something we are both passionate about.  We are coming up on our 8th anniversary and realize that we are still babies when it comes to marriage knowledge and wisdom.  But what we lack in longevity we make up for in experience with all the change and growth that has taken place in those 8 short years.

If there was one word that my husband and I would use to describe the first 8 years of our marriage, it would be CHANGE.  And I am not talking about the kind of change like painting your dining room a different color, but big, life-altering changes.  Life isn’t static, it is constantly changing, which means that you and your spouse are changing.  If you aren’t changing, then maybe you should check your pulse or that of your spouse.  I think we can all agree that marriage is hard and messy, especially when navigating change.  So how do you handle change in your marriage?  How do you grow without growing apart?  We share a bit of our story, how we came to know each other, some of the change that has taken place in our marriage over the past 8 years and then some practical ways on how to navigate change.  Below I will link the video to us teaching and won’t give anything else away 😉

But remember this, change is inevitable.  You and your spouse aren’t the same person you first married whether that was 4 months ago or 40 years ago.  You both change, life changes, seasons change.  And as things change we have a choice to make, do we pull away from each other or do we lean into the change and to each other.  Just because it may not have turned out like you thought or it isn’t like it used to be, it doesn’t mean it can’t be good.


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