Braces and Crazy Turtleneck Tanks

Recently, I took a trip down memory lane.  My mama came for a visit and with her she brought a box full of old pictures.  She had been cleaning out a room in her house and wanted to give me duplicates of pictures she already had.  Judging by these pictures, I was such a cute... Continue Reading →


3 things I am loving and what I am reading

Friends, it has been two months since my last post of this variety and these are my VERY FAVORITE!  I love sharing with you all the things I am loving and reading, besides "sharing is caring."  Plus, secretly I wish I could try all the things, read all the books, share them with you and... Continue Reading →


I am antsy.  Can anyone else relate?  I feel like 2018 hasn't gotten off to the kind of start I had hoped for due to various reasons, both reasons I predicted and those that were unforeseen.  A part of me is tempted to be like "Bye Felecia!" to all those goals I set for 2018,... Continue Reading →

Top 5 of 2017

Happy New Year friends! I don't know about you, but I am pretty pumped about 2018.  It's not that 2017 was bad for me personally, in fact I would say it was good, but it was a hard year for several people who I love and hold dear to my heart.  I have I good... Continue Reading →

Rahab’s Tikvah

I gave this talk last year right on the brink of Advent for a women's event at our church.  I wanted to share this because maybe you need a little "tikvah" right now, a little hope... The house I grew up in was a simple ranch style home but with an extremely long hallway.  My... Continue Reading →

“A Thrill of Hope”

I woke up with deep sadness in my bones this morning.  Feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders and missing loved ones gone far too soon for my liking.  Have you ever felt this way?  I'm sure you have and for lots of us, this time of year is most tender as memories... Continue Reading →

Awaken – Book Review

Awaken is a 90 day devotional written by New York Times best-selling author Priscilla Shirer.  Although Shirer has written multiple best-selling books, this is her first devotional book and it does not disappoint.  If you are looking for a "meaty" devotional, one that will take you deep and straight to the feet of Jesus, then... Continue Reading →

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