If You Only Knew: My Unlikely, Unavoidable Story of Becoming Free *Book Review*

I have long been a fan of Jamie Ivey and her podcast, The Happy Hour.  In fact, her podcast was the one that sucked me into the whole podcast world.  I may be biased, but three years later of listening to podcasts and she is still in my opinion the best of the best at... Continue Reading →


2018 Book Review Roundup Part 2

I am excited to share with you another round of books!  According to goodreads.com, I am one book ahead of schedule towards reaching my 2018 Reading Challenge.  I have no idea how they figure this, but either way, I am pumped!  You may roll your eyes at this and that's ok, but I am super... Continue Reading →

Blooming and Growth

If you were to step foot in my house and take a look around, you would see no less than 6 things, possibly more, with the word BLOOM on it.  Whether it's a dish towel or decorative piece, I am obsessed with the word BLOOM and have been for quite sometime.  I have claimed it... Continue Reading →

Serenity and Forgiveness

News Flash:  I'm not perfect.  Now I realize that this may come as less of a shock to you than it does me, just being honest.  I am a Type 1 on the Enneagram which means I am a "Moral Perfectionist."  Basically, if you were to look for an image of a Type 1, you... Continue Reading →

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