3 Things I am loving and what I am reading

I didn't think I would get around to one of these blog posts this month and would break my monthly streak, but alas HERE IT IS.  I'm hoping blog posts will start showing up more regularly with all my kiddos starting back to school in 4 short, glorious days.  Now hear me, I love my... Continue Reading →


Turn Down the Noise

The other day during a quick run on the treadmill, I was having a conversation with God and it went something like this.. Me- "God, I know you are there but you sure have been quiet lately.  What's going on?" Me- " I know, I know...it's not you, it's me.  But hello, I'd love to... Continue Reading →

The Return

I have set out on a new adventure and it is that of a book reviewer.  A while back, I signed up to review books for a few different publishing companies and I am just starting to get my first few copies in to be read and then reviewed.  This bookworm is in book heaven!... Continue Reading →

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