“itty bitty shitty committee”

Now I can’t take credit for this phrase, but when my husband said it to me recently, it’s my new favorite “go-to” phrase.  Ready for it…”itty bitty shitty committee.”  We all have one of these whether we call it that our not, but they exist inside our heads.  Some days this committee is easy to silence other days we struggle to be released from it’s grip.  This itty bitty shitty committee tells us things like…

“You are not enough…”…”You are weak…”…”You will never be loved again…”…”You are a terrible mother because you lost it with your kids again today…”…”You are not a size zero or six or whatever size.  You’re beauty is determined by a number…”…”You will never have control over your appetites and lusts…”…”Your past will always define you…”…”You will never be seen or heard…”…”Your worth can only come from the clothes you wear, the car you drive, and the house you live in…”…”What you do will never matter…”…”She does this better than you and always will…”…”You are a loner…”

Dear ones, I could go on and on.  That voice inside your head, the “itty bitty shitty committee,” can only be silenced and beaten down by the very one who formed you and knitted you together.  But that is going to take you turning towards Him and allowing Him to speak over you words of life and love.  You are his BELOVED.  He has CHOSEN you.  You are worth far more than RUBIES.  You are REDEEMED.  You are FREE.  You are TRANSFORMED.

“You’re more than your hands do.  You’re more than your hands have.  You’re more than how other hands measure you.  You are what is written on God’s hands: Safe. Held. His. Beloved.” -Ann Voskamp

Rest in the silence that only He can bring!

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