A writing challenge

Hey ya’ll!  So, if I thought starting a blog was stepping out of my comfort zone, then the 31 day writing challenge I am accepting for October is not only stepping out my comfort zone but jumping way out ahead of it and passing it by 30 feet. Yikes!  Below you will see a list of the word prompts for each day in which I will write for 5 minutes whatever comes to mind.  I will also link up each blog post below as they are completed. FYI, I am a little behind seeing as how today is October 4th and I am just getting started, but I plan to make up the ones I’ve missed 🙂

Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3: Wardrobe 
Day 4:  Brew
Day 5:  Silence
Day 6: You
Day 7:
Day 8: Muddle
Day 9:
Day 10:  Unknown
Day 11: Thanks
Day 12: Sky
Day 13: Aware

3 thoughts on “A writing challenge

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  1. I’m glad you joined the challenge even if not right on the first day. 🙂 I especially enjoyed your reminder for wives in your post on “brew.” Needed that today! – Laura, a #5MFW link up neighbor


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